The Connie Rideout Award

Connie Rideout was one of the earliest members of the Keswick Ladies Slo-Pitch League. Here’s how one player described what made her special: “On the field she was alway laughing, supporting all the players even the ones on the other teams. To Connie the league was not about winning or who was the best player… it was always about having fun and meeting with friends. I never saw her in a bad mood. When she got sick no one knew because she was still the same person – positive and supportive – and even though she knew she was dying she never changed her outlook on life.” 

Connie lost her battle with colon cancer, but her positive attitude and enthusiasm for life is remembered and admired by those who still play in our league today. That is why in 1999 the Connie Rideout Award was created in her memory. Each year players are asked to nominate one player in the league who exemplifies the type of player Connie was.

Past Recipients:

2017 – Kelley Fletcher
2016 – Judy Halladay, Kellie Gibney, LeeAnne Curtis, Jess Watt, Karen Bates-Denney, Danielle Layton, Tracy Anderson, Marie Streicher
2015 – Kari Black
2014 – Lynn Marie (Pixie) Benson
2013 – Jenny Baker
2012 – Opal Hustins
2011 – Karen Marles
2011 – Liz Johnson
2010 – Cherie Brown
2009 – Kathleen Plourde
2008 – Holly Cook
2007 – Debbie Peever
2006 – Marna Puritt
2005 – Marlene Hackson
2004 – Leafy Fenton
2003 – Arlene Perry
2002 – Stephanie Mort
2001 – Jennifer Palmer
2000 – Cora McCowan
1999 – Mechelle Cossaboom